MASKOM manufactures colour masterbatches through the combination of high-performance organic & inorganic pigments and genuine polymer raw materials. Besides the PANTONE, RAL and MASKOM colour chart, new and distinctive requirements or customers samples are analysed at MASKOM laboratories under sophisticated machines and through stringent physical and chemical tests that are carried out by means of high-precision machines including spectrophotometry devices, MFI devices, ash testers run along sensitive methods for quality inspection.

The processes employing colour masterbatches so manufactured are injection, blowing, film, extrusion (film, sheet and profile), calender and rotation processes.

The colour masterbatches we manufacture can be employed in polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, thermoplastics, EVA, engineering plastics and special compounds.

These masterbatches can further be utilized in any kind of packaging materials, household appliances, agricultural products, white goods, automotive components, any kind of pipes and tubes, toys, any kind of cables and wires (electrical, fibre), office equipment, sports garments, electrical and electronic products, furniture industry and construction industry.

Furthermore, based on customer requirements, we can further impart ultraviolet strength, flame retardancy, antistatic properties, antioxidant properties, blowing (foam) agent characteristics, process improvement capability, and enhanced impact strength to the colour masterbatches.

We are capable of manufacturing masterbatches dressed with special effects
  • Masterbatch width pearl effect
  • Masterbatch width metal effect
  • Masterbatch width granie and marble effect
  • Silver Masterbatch
  • Transparent Masterbatch
  • Fluorescent Masterbatch
  • Aromatic Masterbatch
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